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Our Favourite Properties of 2022

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

2022 was an incredibly busy year for Filmworx! Lots of brilliant properties came to the are a few of our favourites..

Cruin, Blanefield

What we loved.... (Our favourite bits...)

* The opening sequence, title text and view shots. What a beautiful location!

* The drone shot looking down on the property, gives a brilliant perspective of the property and plot size.

* The lingering detailed shots.

* The early evening closing shots. An excellent use of light creating a lovely contrast - it looks very inviting.

Little Castle, Lesmahagow

What we loved....

*The drone shots of the architectural features

*The history.. It was owned by Sardar Iqbal Singh, a wealthy Sikh who fell in love with the property and moved to Lesmahagow. He was know locally as the "Laird Of Lesmahagow" and died in March 2021.

*The potential! This is one we'd definitely like to go back and see the transformation.

*The drone shots sweeping away from the building, taking in the beautiful setting.

96 Bowman Street, Glasgow

What we loved.....

*The opening location shots, the gates at Queens Park, the street views etc, all giving a real feel for the area.

*The sharp cuts to the music mixed with up-close detailed shots.

*We really just loved the property, this was a well executed Tenement refurbishment, it looks brilliant.

*The closing Aerial Animation.

1 The Stables Dineiddwg

What we loved....

*The mesmerising opening view shots, taking in the Campsie Hills and surrounding area beautifully.

*Nice detailed shots of a very stylish interior.

*The sense of presence when watching, the walk into rooms taking in views from the windows.

We are excited to see what 2023 has to offer!

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