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How FILMWORX can help improve your property listings.

The FILMWORX team specialises in creating professional property marketing material. Marketing material which allows you to build a brilliant marketing campaign, which in turn will give your business credibility and help build trust with potential clients.

Over the past 10 years we've seen the difference a professional marketing package makes for our clients and wanted to create a powerful, affordable and simple solution for Estate Agents to maximise their property listings.

Here it is!..........


Professional Property Photographs, Walkthrough Video Tour & Schematic Floorplan


Tenement flat, living room photograph
Property Photography


* Professionally edited photographs

* Elevated mast photography

* 24hr turnaround


* UK's best HD property video

* Music and branding

* 24hr turnaround on most projects

Black and white floorplan Matterport Houseviz
Matterport floorplan


* Digital black & white floorplan

* Accurate room measurements * 24hr turnaround

Matterport 360 Model
Matterport Model Image


* HD quality 3D virtual Tour

* An immersive, interactive experience * 24hr turnaround

While we offer variations of this package, including extended Video for larger properties, Aerial Drone footage, Animation and CGI staging.... this is by far the favourite! The Standard FULLWORX package isn't just convenient and efficient, it helps sellers showcase their properties in the best possible light. Meanwhile FILMWORX seamlessly taking care of all the organising, saving both Estate Agents and Clients time and effort.

All you need to do is send us the instruction and we'll take care of the rest. We will.....

*Contact the client within 12hrs of receiving instructions

*Arrange the appointment to suit the client and the marketing expectations

*Offer advice on how to prepare for the FILMWORX visit.... Getting the very best from the property.

*Send confirmation emails to clients with property preparation tips.

*Guarantee a 24hr turnaround on most productions.

*Provide everything in a format which is easy to access and utilize.

Click HERE for more information on FILMWORX property marketing packages!

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